Rabu, 16 Januari 2013

Adkins remains behind Rodriguez

Rodriguez (l): Honest player, says Adkins

Rodriguez won the decisive penalty in Saturday's 1-0 Premier League win over Aston Villa at Villa Park.

When asked if he felt the former Burnley forward had dived, Adkins had a bullish response: "He's not a diver. We don't advocate diving here whatsoever.

"We could have had seven or eight penalties this season, we don't surround the referee, we allow the referees to make the decisions.

"When you look at the one at the weekend there was intent there, it was a poor challenge from the defender (Enda Stevens), correct there is no contact made but it's still a poor challenge from the defender - Jay is a young lad who is so enthusiastic."

Adkins, speaking ahead of Saints' clash at Chelsea on Wednesday night, also said that his team must continue to create situations where the officials are forced into making big decisions.

He said: "All we need to do is keep getting the ball in the penalty area in a way we give defenders decisions to make whether to challenge or not and give refs decisions whether to give penalties or not.

"Seven or eight times clearly we should have had penalties. That's the reality of football."

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